Kevin Kutz was born in 1955 in Pittsburgh, PA. He began oil painting at age 18 under the tutelage of Jean Slenker in Somerset, PA. Adoptive parents Eugene and Barbara Kutz nourished the creative urge and talents of this young artist and funded his education at Kiski School and Carnegie Mellon University where he had the opportunity to study with Herbert Olds and Douglas Wilson. Many a class was missed in favor of wandering vicinities of Pittsburgh filling sketchbooks. Understanding that monies spent on said missed classes was wasted, "I realized I was going to art on my own after becoming aware of self and the artists' responsibilities".
Further instruction consisted of study under 82 year old Robert Brackman, a former student of Robert Henri and George Bellows. In his late 20's, Kutz met and worked briefly with Raphael Soyer in New York City. From that point on, Kevin became an artist who merely interprets and depicts life in various mediums & styles. "I ain't got no style" he claims, "…just like my fiddle playing, where a 150 year old fiddle tune appeals to me as much as electric improvisational jazz violin. I'm not designed for fame and have no desire of that. The reason for this web site is so people may view the artwork".
In 2009 he received a grant from The Eben Demarest Fund, which donates monies to artists who have pursued their craft but never really emerged into the 'big time art scene'. With this grant, Kevin has been able to follow a life long dream of traveling to paint. In this case he is venturing to the places that Thomas Cole painted. "Cole was the first major American Landscape Painter and father of America's first art movement: The Hudson River School. Many images on this website are preliminaries done in the Catskill / New York area".
Kevin currently resides in Bedford County, Pennsylvania, and continues to use his ever-flowing talent and passion to create amazing works of art on a full-time basis. He builds on his large & diverse body of work and as it's developed, will be updated on this website - as will upcoming shows and exhibitions. Check the "News" section of this site for updates regarding future exhibitions everywhere from Pennsylvania to Vermont. Kevin is also an accomplished musician, with an enormous lifelong amount of talent on the fiddle, banjo, and mandolin. He has performed with many known musicians throughout the Pennsylvania area over the years, including Pat Watson, and the super-group "Wild Turkey". Since early 2006, he has recorded and performed in Bedford County's "The Coal Mountain Ramblers" and continues to do so simply out of love for the music.